Inanna and Ebih Pt 1

In the poem, Inanna and Ebih written by the High Priestess Enheduanna, a story about how Inanna forces the mountain Ebih into submission. Inanna loses her support from the god An, so she must learn how to rely on herself to achieve her goal of forcing Ebih to bow to her power. Due to the length of this poem, I will post it in three parts for ease of reading.


I hope you enjoy!



by The High Priestess Enheduanna


I. Invocation

Lady of blazing dominion

clad in dread

riding on fire-red power



holding a pure lance

terror folds in her robes


flood-storm-hurricane adorned

she bolts out in battle

plants a standing shield on the ground


Great Lady Inanna

battle planner

foe smasher


you rain arrows on enemies

set strength against foreigners

lion roar across heaven

on earth bodies struck

flesh cut


wild bull

hooves planted

battle-ready against foe


fiery lion

the upstart and rebel

you persuade

with your gall


II. Praise to Her


my Lady

godly child     nursed in heaven



godly maiden     ripened on earth


your spread-out arms

wide as the Sun King


when you wear fearsome dread in heaven

crystal brilliance on earth


when you unfold from the mountains

your woven net of blue lapis cord


when you bathe

in clear mountain streams

you, mountain born

in a crystal-pure place


when you wear

the robes

of the old, old gods


when you slice heads

like a scythe cuts wheat swaths


then the black-headed praise you with song

the Sumerians sing in one voice

everyone sings sweetly a joy song


Queen of battle

the Moon God’s oldest child

Maiden Inanna

I worship you

here is my song


III. Inanna Sings


I the Lady

circling the sky

circling the earth


I Inanna

circling the sky

circling the earth


in the east circling the Elam lands

in the northwest circling the Subir lands

in the north circling the Lullubi lands






I the Lady

came near

and the mountain did not fear


I Inanna

came near

the mountain did not fear

came near Mount Ebih

the mountain did not fear


did not tremble

of its own accord

nor wipe its nose on the ground

nor flatten its lips in the dust

I grab the upstarts in my hands

shake them

make them fear me


set a great ox

against its great strength

a calf

against its small strength


I chase them with my rope dance

goad them with my jump rope

I ignite battle

arrows quiver-ready

I braid thick rope slings

polish wood-spear

javelin, shield


set fires in their forest borders

ax the wicked

call the Fire God, pure Gibil

to flame trunks and thick branches


from my own city


hidden jewel and sparkling

I spread terror all down the mountain


like an An-cursed place

never again will rise

like a ruin where Enlil frowned

never will lift its neck







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