Inanna and Ebih Pt 2

Here we go with part two of Inanna and Ebih! With tomorrow being Women Empowerment Day, I thought this was a fitting way to lead up to a full breakdown of Enheduanna’s story and her struggle to take back what was stolen from her. I am inspired by what she accomplished so long ago, and love her story, from start to finish. With that said, part two is incoming; I hope you enjoy!




IV. Inanna Goes to An



child of the Moon God

a soft bud swelling

her queen’s robe cloaks the slender stem

on her smooth brow she paints

fire beams and fearsome glint


fastens carnelian

blood-red and glowing

around her throat


and then her hand clasps

the seven-headed mace

she stands as in youth’s prime

her right hand grasps the mace


steps, yes she steps her narrow foot

on the furred back

of a wild lapis lazuli boll


and she goes out

white-sparked, radiant

in the dark vault of evening’s sky

star-steps in the street

through the Gate of Wonder


and goes before the god

offers him the first fruits

with sacrificial prayer


An stretches out his hands

takes the fruit in

pleased, he receives Inanna


then sits in the place

he calls his own

and motions her

beside his great right hand


she speaks:


my father

be well! silim!

listen to my words

give me your ear


An, your word

proclaimed throughout heaven

dread of my fearsome brilliance


An, you are he who

gives my word weight

over all others

in heaven and on earth

who gives my iron cold ax

dominion to heaven’s outer edge


who carved godly pillars

beautiful as queens

to mark the place I stand

there you set my solid throne

there you bent the impaling pole

to my eager hands


and I ride out

team of six in harness

pulled over sky roads

to the bounds of heaven

I come forth a queen

like cool moonlight down the breast of the sky


arrows shot from my hands

strip field, forest, orchard

like the teeth of locusts


arrows sharp as harrows

level the rebel’s field


my hands like falcon claws

slash heads

like the FIRST SNAKE

I come out of the mountains

fast as snakes slip through earth cracks

I smash heads



I carry your name

unraveled on a flaxen cord

to the edge of the earth


my eyes scan the earth

I know the length of it


I travel heaven’s pure road

I know the depth of it


even the holy Annuna

stand in awe of me


I the Lady

came near

and the mountain did not fear


I Inanna came near

the mountain did not fear


came near

Mount Ebih

and the mountain did not fear


did not tremble

of its own accord

nor wipe its nose on the ground

nor flatten its lips in the dust


I grab the upstarts in my hands

shake them

make them fear me


set a great ox

against its great strength

a calf

against its small strength


I chase them with my rope dance

goad them with my jump rope


I ignite battle

arrows quiver-ready

I braid thick rope slings

polish wood-spear

javelin, shield


set fires in their forest borders

ax the wicked

call the Fire God, pure Gibil

to flame trunks and thick branches


from my own city


hidden jewel and sparkling

I spread terror all down the mountain


like an An-cursed place

never again will rise

like a ruin where Enlil frowned

never will lift its neck







to be continued tomorrow….


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