Inanna and Ebih pt 3

After taking a day to celebrate International Women’s Day, here is the last piece of the poem, Inanna and Ebih. In it, Inanna receives An’s answer and then reacts the only way Inanna knows how….I’m not going to spoil it, the conclusion is below!


Inanna and Ebih pt 3



king of the gods

answers her


Little One

my Little One


you ask for the mountain

you want the heart of it

he says this to her

you the Queen

you ask for Mount Ebih

you want the heart of it

he says this to her


Mount Ebih

you ask for it

you want the heart of it

he says this to her


the gods

standing in their place

bend with fear of Ebih

the Annuna

sitting in their holy place

tremble, stricken

their flesh prickles all over


a red-hot terror

paralyzes our whole country


fiery terror of the mountain Ebih

rages in the lands around us


the jagged peaks of Mount Ebih

cut the blue vault of sky


fruit laden, full grown

stand luxuriant on its slopes

layers of thick leaves

on its great trees

darken the sky


lion pairs

stroll in the shade

of stretching arch of branches


grey-fleeced wild rams

wide-eyed stags

roam the hills without shepherds

wild bulls come and go

legs brushed by swaying grass


the crescent-horned ibex

mates in the mountain cypress

I am fear-struck

at their lavish brilliance

I will not go there with you


O maiden Inanna

I will not set my head with yours

against the fiery radiance of the mountain

An says this to her






with screech of hinge

she flings wide the gate

of the house of battle


her hands pull the bolt lock

on its lapis lazuli door


bedlam unleashed

she sends down a raging battle

hurls a storm from her wide arms

to the ground below


thin sinew the woman strings

for her flawless arrows


and hurrican winds

swift-piercing, stinging

fly with Inanna’s fury

suck loosened earth into sweet air


dust chokes every blink and breath

broken bits and fiery chips

swirl in the dust dark air


my Queen batters the mountain

plants her heels hard

rubs dagger’s edge on a whet stone


grabs Ebih by the neck

as she would a sheaf of rushes


in ear-splitting waves

her shrill cries pierce

Ebih’s failing heart


with stones from its own slopes

she pelts  she pounds

thud dub   thud dub

storms of stones crack at its sides


damp and writhing snakes

tangled in branches

drop at her drear bidding

spitting deadly venom


and her tongue’s poison

hurls a green-wilting curse

over forest and fruit-bearing trees


she shows no mercy

to its green plant rows

a parching drought she blows

dust dry air in her pitiless wake

gusts over stems of verdant growth

not a moist drop stays


in the bent and withered grass

she strikes fires

flames cut the sky to the boundary stones

flames dance in the smoke stained air

spread at a glance from the queen’s glare


holy Inanna

fresh faced, fearless

vigor of a young man commanding


wrestles the mountain to its knees

stands the victor at its base


MOUNTAIN!   she cries



because you puff yourself up

because you stand so high

dress up so beautiful

make yourself so green and luscious

put on a royal robe

stretch your hand straight to An


do not wipe your nose on th ground

do not flatten your lips in the dust




you thick-hided elephant

I will twist your trunk

you oversized bull

I will wrench your neck

grab your thick horns

throw you in the dust

stomp you with my hatred

grind my knees in your neck

till tears wet your face

sorry grips your heart


turn your back on me!

may the bleak bird of heartbreak

nest in your shadows



fearson victor

speaks again


father Enlil led me

placed the dreaded mace

in my strong right hand

in my left I swing an ax

mace and ax flung raging

cut like a great toothed harrow


V.  Inanna Builds a Temple to Her Victory


stone upon stone

I build a temple

mark out my estate

stone upon stone

finish it in splendor

standing hard on bedrock

grand is the throne there


summon a kurgarra for holy office

bestow the sacred implements

hallowed mace and dagger


summon a gala, singer of lamentation

dispense the tools of office

kettle drum and hand drum


summon holy attendants

for ritual head-overturning

priest to become woman

priestess to become man


I build this splendid temple

who dared attack the mountain

who now stands victorious


a swollen spilling water

I have washed over the grasslands

a rushing risen water

I have overrun the rope fence



I have triumphed


I have triumphed


eldest daughter of the Moon

that you destroyed Ebih

O maiden Inanna

be praised


and praise be to Nisaba

goddess of writing


And here I say that the moral of this story is to never, ever piss off Inanna!

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