Excerpt from Through the Gate of Wonder Ch. 10

Enheduanna sat in her private study with a soft clay tablet before her and a writing tool in her hand. Carefully she pressed the implement into the clay, creating the figures upon it to reflect the words swirling in her mind, demanding to be let out. The last few months had been maddening for her,... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Through the Gate of Wonder, Ch 1

Ubarum and Manishtushu looked over the requirements sent by Enheduanna regarding the upcoming marriage ritual to be held at the end of the harvest. To the king, it felt like every year the festival required more money and more resources from the crown, while it seemed the temple did nothing to absorb the cost of... Continue Reading →

Naram-sin – God King of the Akkadian Empire

I have written a lot about Enheduanna and her life in my blog, but have written very little about her nephew, Naram-sin. He was considered to be one of the greatest kings in Sumerian history, and some would say his political and militaristic abilities even surpassed that of his grandfather, Sargon the Great. Naram-sin reigned... Continue Reading →

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