I don’t often go on tangents, at least not publicly, but today something has hit me really hard. I’m going to try to keep this organized so I don’t go chasing rabbits all over the place, but here goes. Our world feels like it’s on the brink of a revolution. With so much division, hatred,... Continue Reading →

Throughout the dawn of History…

Life is a journey that sets a myriad of paths before us. Throughout History, the direction we take dictates the direction of the world in which we live. Along the way, mistakes are made and we promise ourselves that we will never make them again; only to forget and repeat them over and over throughout the course of time. Action and inaction determines our influence upon society and teaches us the power of the masses, as well as the small voices screaming up at the sky. Here is where we can discuss that power and how we can draw upon the Ancient World to create our own History.

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