Excerpt from Through the Gate of Wonder, Ch 1

Ubarum and Manishtushu looked over the requirements sent by Enheduanna regarding the upcoming marriage ritual to be held at the end of the harvest. To the king, it felt like every year the festival required more money and more resources from the crown, while it seemed the temple did nothing to absorb the cost of... Continue Reading →

Naram-sin – God King of the Akkadian Empire

I have written a lot about Enheduanna and her life in my blog, but have written very little about her nephew, Naram-sin. He was considered to be one of the greatest kings in Sumerian history, and some would say his political and militaristic abilities even surpassed that of his grandfather, Sargon the Great. Naram-sin reigned... Continue Reading →

Hiatus + Sneak Peek

As some of you may know, April is Camp NaNoWriMo so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to force myself to start writing my novel about Enheduanna. Because of the intensity of writing so much throughout the week, it has left me with no mental energy to add to my blog. After NaNoWriMo... Continue Reading →

March For Our Lives

Yesterday we saw a Historical moment take place in cities all over the United States:  children, parents, police officers, teachers, celebrities, and politicians all banded together to voice our need for better gun control. In St. Augustine, Florida, a friend of mine was among them. Raquel and I met through online gaming more than a... Continue Reading →

Paradox: Black and White

Last night I had the privilege of listening to a podcast called Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin. In the particular segment I listened to, he gave an in-depth history of the Assyrians, Medians, and the rise of the Persians in a preface to the famous battle of the Persians against the three hundred Spartan soldiers... Continue Reading →

The Story of Enheduanna

I honor of International Women's Day, I am posting the story of Enheduanna instead of the third installment of her poem, Inanna and Ebih. While the priestess began her life with every comfort that a princess could expect, after her appointment as High Priestess she had to face many difficulties, struggles, and life-changing events that... Continue Reading →

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